Andalusian horses and beach hotel at the most southern point of Europe

Riding and living on the beach of Tarifa with view of Africa


Galloping along a virtually endless beach on magnificent Andalusians with only the sound of pounding hoofs and crashing waves is an experience no one should pass up!
We are adventure-addicted horse lovers and have worked out the most beautiful routes for everything from day-rides to week-long tours.

Sunny southern Andalusia practically guarantees great weather all year: even in winter the temperature rarely falls under 16 ° C (61 ° F). In summer a constant, refreshing breeze blow. As a result we enjoy ideal riding weather the entire year.

Tarifa is the southernmost point on the European mainland, as well as marking the boundary between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Our stables are located directly on the beach at the bay’s center and offer a view of the African coast. From our location you have direct access to the most beautiful beaches of the Costa de la Luz, as well as to the inland nature reserves offering many, breathtaking destinations.

When you look into the eyes of a happy horse, you can feel it!

We are a quality focused stable with well kept Andalusian horses.

We emphasize highly the well being of our horses. We do everything we can to keep them happy, sane and motivated by treating them in the most natural way.

Horses basic needs are movement (aprox. 16 hours a day), social contact, continuous feeding, and fresh air. For that we bring all our horses out at night to their field, where they can be horses among each other, run freely and relax.

Every morning we bring them to the stables. They walk as fast to their field as to the stables and are always willing to come along. During the off season they get their well deserved holidays and spend about five months outside day and night.

They have 24/7 good quality hay available which matches with their natural feeding behaviour.

Off course keeping them locked up in their boxes and feeding them hard food, would save us a lot of time and energy and would be cheaper as well. But that doesn’t suit our philosophy.

The horses are very well trained, forward going and a hundred percent thrustworthy and sensitive. Because of their Spanish temperament, their training and the way they are kept, they are a dream to ride! They are so responsive that almost all of them are ridden with bitless bridles. For the sake of the horse they have a shock absorbing foampad underneath the saddle and a sheepskin on the saddle, which provides the rider a steady and comfortable seat .

The horses are all walking barefoot, even in the mountains and without any problems. Shoeing horses is invented for the human being. We can ride them longer without gasting too much of the hoof, when a horse is shoed. Besides, shoeing makes the hoof go numb, so the horse doesn’t feel it when it is overtaking itself and is less likely to complain. Many leg and back problems are caused by this loss of feeling in the hoof. The hoof is a living mechanism which pumps the blood through the legs, absorbs shocks and is perfectly able to adapt to the surrounding.

Because our horses don ’t have shoes and do feel their feet, they are extremely sure footed and find their ways in the mountains amazingly good.

Our horses get a hand full of a high quality  vitamin and mineral mix which provide them all they need for healthy hoofs and body.

For sane and happy horses we cooperate with a horse ostheopath , a horse physiotherapist and a saddle fitter.

The way we train our horses is a mixture of  classical dressage, doma vaquera and natural horsemanship. 

For some people horses are a way of making a living, for us horses are a way of life.

We proudly represent Hurricane Hipica, featuring beautiful gentle Andalusian horses.

Hurricane Hipica
CN340, Km 78
11380 Tarifa
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel. +34/956 689 092
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