Five Day Natural Horsemanship Course - Communication with Horses

Horses see the world in a completely different way as we do, as a result we sometimes do not understand horse behaviour. This course teaches the participants about horse behaviour and the language of their four legged parners and profides a base of communication, trust and respect. Independent of the breed of the horse, Natural Horsemanship is suitable for all horses and all riding disciplines. It is the perfect preparation for a secure and harmonious interaction between man and horse. The diverse learning sessions exist of groundwork with a knot headcollar and rope and are suitablle for beginners too. The course takes place in small groups only ( max. 5 persons). Each day a three hour session is offered, either in the morning or in the afternoon. We recommend to wear proper shoes. The Natural Horsemanship course is thought to be booked additionally to the riding package we offer.

The price of the Natural Horsemanship course is 375,-€. 



The Natural Horsemanship cour is led by Jessica Emmerich; she is sport therapist for horses and completed level 3 of the Parelli Horsemanship University Colorado USA. She lives in Germany and works there as a horsemanship instructor and horse sport therapist. she comes especially for the Natural Horsemanship course to Hurricane Hipica. In the moment therear two dates set for the course; an additional course might be organised from 3 persons on. Please conatct us for possibilities.

Natural Horsemanship course in springtime: 02.05-06.05.2016 -FULLY BOOKED-
Natural Horsemanship course in autumn: 03.10-07.10.2016 & 31.10-04.11.2016

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