Five Day Natural Horsemanship Course - Communication with Horses

Horses see the world in a completely different way as we do, as a result we sometimes do not understand horse behaviour. This course teaches the participants about horse behaviour and the language of their four legged parners and profides a base of communication, trust and respect. Independent of the breed of the horse, Natural Horsemanship is suitable for all horses and all riding disciplines. It is the perfect preparation for a secure and harmonious interaction between man and horse. The diverse learning sessions exist of groundwork with a knot headcollar and rope and are suitablle for beginners too.

The classes begin with firm guidelines, attending to the emotional and psychological connection with the horse, an equine companion with which we will have a great connection and synchronization. The key is communication, learning to transmit the energy that our partner will follow because we will become their leaders. With effective body language techniques that are strengthened by walking together in freedom. These walks in connection will provide us with self-control, concentration and leadership skills. We will also provide the horses with security, happiness and playful moments that will make these beings wish to be with us.

   What objective will we achieve? CONNECTION WITH THE HORSES. We will enjoy a pleasant time in which the horses will be the protagonists. We will travel the routes of their brain, feeling their loyalty to humans and we will be their best friend-leader.

The course takes place in small groups only ( max. 5 persons). Each day a two hour session is offered. We recommend to wear proper shoes. The Natural Horsemanship course is thought to be booked additionally to the star riding package we offer.



The natural horsemanship course is organised by Hurricane hipica in cooperation with Nadia Soleymanjo. Nadia is a horsewoman who has learned from Parelli instructors, in Australia. In Spain, she shares her passion, experience and knowledge with the aim of creating a positive and successful relationship with horses, based on the firmness of the good leader, the communication and the trust that these noble animals place in us.
   Nadia has more than 15 years of experience in training horses, not only in their physical preparation, but also serves the psychology of these beings is very important and peculiar.

The Natural Horsemanship course is organised on request. Private lessons are also available. Please contact us for possibilities.


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