Guided horseback riding is available to guests and non- guests of the hotel. Tarifa is the ideal place for nature lovers.

Tarifa is conveniently situated between two national parks, featuring the famous cork oak forests (Alcornocales) and the Straits of Gibraltar (Estrecho).

Various trips include rides on the beach, among the dunes, into the mountains and along the paths of the coastal forests; pine woods, eucalyptus woods and corktree forests.


Tarifa is Europe’s southernmost point. Due to its unique location where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic, it’s where migratory birds meet before making the journey from one continent to the other, thus allowing us to enjoy impressive views of birdlife.

The marine currents and the special underwater geography of the Strait of Gibraltar attract up to six different species of whales and dolphins which can be observed throughout the year.

Tarifa is a paradise for riding!

During the rides you will get to know the beautiful country side of Tarifa with its amazing views of the beach and Africa.

You will also experience what it is like to ride on the breathtaking beaches of Tarifa!

We offer one hour rides, one and a half hour rides and two hours rides. We have horses for all levels of riding. We have separate rides for experienced riders and for less experienced riders/riders with no former experience at all. For experienced riders we also offer longer tours of three to five hours. An experienced rider means to us some one who has been riding regularly for years, who sits in balance on the horse and who knows to control the horse in all paces. Before riding out we explain to each single participant, how to manage the horse. Off course there is always a guide going with you for your comfort and that of our horses. We provide riding helmets, various sizes of riding shoes/boots and chaps (legprotection).

Horses: ca. twelve reliable Andalusian horses. This elegant horse has temperament and its nature is brave; it is a  forwardgoing and surefooted horse. The caracter of the Andalusian horse is very gentle; it is proud, honest and intelligent, and it likes to work. The Andalusian horse is the ideal partner for a beautiful ride! 

All our horses are outside on a field in their herd at night and because of that they are relaxed, reliable and happy!

De horses have good quality spanish or english saddles. All saddles have sheepskin covers for a steady and comfortable seat. All saddles are equipped with safety stirrups.


Please contact us for information and for reservations.



Voor experienced riders we also have a special offer of five days of riding star rides and six nights in the Hurricane or Punta Sur Hotel.


Star rides

For our star rides we have mapped out routes to most beautiful places and nature in the vicinity of Tarifa. You will experience new adventures and wonder at unique flora and fauna each day.
Our guide, will complement your ride cross-country with a first class knowledge about nature and horses. A star ride is a great alternative if you want to be back in Tarifa in the afternoon in order to enjoy the countless possibilities that Tarifa has to offer or if your partner would like to go windsurfing or kiting during the day. Our star rides begin in the morning at the stables and return there in the afternoon. We ride from our stables along endlessly stretching, sandy bays, as well as to beaches unreachable by road, over donkey trails and through wild fields. You will enjoy the most beautiful beaches and bays of the Costa de la Luz, if not of all Europe. We ride through various nature reserves with varied landscapes, cork oaks, pine trees and eucalyptus stands, from low hills to stony mountains and along coastal cliffs. We regularly encounter free-roaming horses and cattle herds while experiencing an extraordinary environment filled with a large variety of birds. The view of Africa will provide inspiration for new dreams. You will become overwhelmed by the nature. We visit the cloister grounds of Santuario de la Luz where ‘ventas’, small family-run guesthouses, await you with traditional tapas, hams and wines. Our tours, offer you a maximum of variety and the opportunity to experience a great deal of Andalusia. The week will provide you an extraordinary adventure. The pure number of experiences and impressions will give you the feeling of having been with us far longer!??Tours can also be individually planned and are also occasionally adapted to weather conditions as required.??Tarifa is the southernmost point on the European mainland and is located at the narrowest point of the Gibraltar straights. Due to its geographical location, there is an almost constant breeze that provides for a good riding climate. In winter the temperature seldom falls below 16 ° C (61 ° F).



Riding level: able to ride in balance and to be in control of the horse in all paces


Horses and saddles: gentle, temperamentful but reliable Andalusian horses with good quality spanish and english saddles.



Prices include:

Six nights in the Hurricane Hotel, directly located at the beach and right next to the stables, with a stunning view of Africa. The use of the two pools, the spa/gym/sauna, and breakfast are included.

When the Hurricane Hotel is fully booked, we will offer the Punta Sur hotel, which belongs to the same owners as the hurricane and has the same standards. The Punta Sur hotel is situated within a walking distance of the stables.


Guided by a multilingual guide(English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Finish)


Big star rides: Five day rides (3-5 hours/day) with:


Double room mountain side       1280,- EUR p.p.

Single room mountain side         1625,- EUR p.p.

Double room sea side                 1350,- EUR p.p.

Single room sea side                   1765,- EUR p.p.


Small star rides: Five days of 2 hours of riding a day, with :


Double room mountain side       1060,- EUR p.p.

Single room mountain side         1445,- EUR p.p

Double room sea side                 1145,- EUR p.p.

Single room sea side                   1590,- EUR p.p.


Six nights for a non riding partner in a double room mountains side 
480,- EUR

Six nights for a non riding partner in a double room sea side 610,- EUR


Extra night double room mountain side           72,- EUR p.p.

Extra night single room mountain side             118,- EUR p.p.

Extra night double room sea side                     103,- EUR p.p.

Extra night single room sea side                       135,- EUR p.p.


Weekend Getaway: Three nights and four days of riding (two 1 1/2h rides and two 3-4h rides)

Double room mountain side       845,- EUR p.p.

Single room mountain side         965,- EUR p.p

Double room sea side                 875,- EUR p.p.

Single room sea side                   1065,- EUR p.p.


How to get there; flight to Malaga or Jerez airport, from there we highly recommend a rental car in order to explore Tarifa and its beautiful surroundings. A transfer is also possible from Malaga or Jerez. Sevilla on request.

Availability: 15/09-30/06

Arrival day as you wish

Hurricane Hipica
CN340, Km 78
11380 Tarifa
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Tel. +34/956 689 092
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